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     Welcome to This online service is to create photo collages online. So you can know absolutely nothing about Photoshop or other graphic programs and easily make photo collage for yourself or your friends. Nothing is easier than just upload your photos and create photo collages with

     To try out how it works, you can use the generic account and you do not need to create your account. Just click the yellow button Next to the main page of the site. Then you are prompted to select a template for your future collage. Use numbers at the bottom of the page to navigate between pages and templates to select the desired template. Selecting a template, simply click on it with your future

     Now loaded canvas collage and remains submit photos. To do this, use the top-left click Add Item. Before you open a window with a standard albums (common) to select photo. Choose any photo album. Adding all the necessary for a collage photo, you can change the background using the Background Image and Background Color. Crop Button respectively is to manually crop , automatically the photo that you have chosen if it clipped not quite the way you like. The delete button to remove the incorrectly added photos in the collage.

     Once you are ready you need to keep their jobs, click on the top right of the Save button. After selecting the desired resolution and a short wait, you will receive your collage to download. That's all! You have created your collage!

     In order to be able to use your photo will need to register by clicking the registration button on the home page. Then log in to your account by clicking Login.

     Getting into your account, you can see three menus: Home, Upload and Create Collages. The second allows you to manage your photos, you'll download. Third for storage of finished work.

     Upload your photos, create albums of photos and to create a collage using the button Create Collage happy photo experiments and photo masterpieces by Pierre!

     We hope that you will remember this simple site name or bookmark!