Create a funny collage from uploaded pictures
(You can also use multi upload photos in your account folder)
1. Register and Login

2. Upload Images for Collages

3. Its Easy to Create Collage
    with clicking the button "Create Collage"
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Create funny collages with you and your friends and share you collages with friends or print it for yourself. Post them anywhere like: MySpace, Bebo, HI5, FaceBook, etc.


This Photo collage site lets you instantly create Great Photo collage online free, right now! Just upload pictures or create you own photo folders and use it for other Photo Collages.
For creating photo collages you don't need photoshop now. You can create great collages online without any graphic programs. It's easy for everyone and you don't need to know about photo collage's layers or other photo concepts. Just upload your photos and get results!